Extra care for the health of the feet this monsoon


In the rainy season any disease overwhelms us very easily. We have to be a little more careful this season than all the other seasons. Especially in the rainy season there are different types of water borne diseases. So one has to be careful this season. However, our legs are the most damaged than any other part of the body. During the rainy season, the feet may be itchy, sore or fungal infection, etc. So at this time you have to take extra care of the feet. Today I will tell you how you can take a little extra care for your feet this season very easily.


Exfoliate: You can exfoliate the legs one day at a time if possible. And if you don’t have much time, do it at least once a week. Dip your feet in shampoo mixed with lukewarm water and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Rub the pumice stone well and remove the dead skin of the feet.

Foot bath: It is best to take a foot bath in the rain which does a lot of regular foot protection. So come back from outside and mix a small amount of antiseptic liquid in lukewarm water and dip your feet. However, you can also use bathsalt instead of antiseptic liquid. Because bathsalt is a very important ingredient for body protection. And it removes germs very quickly.


Shoe selection: In the rainy season for outdoors, sponge sandals or slippers are a must. Because it is less likely to get water or freeze. The water dries easily. However, the best in the rain are gum boots which easily protect the feet.


Cover the wound: If your foot is cut somewhere, you must cover the wound. And care must be taken so that the wound does not get water. You can use water proof band-aid if needed. This will keep the feet much safer.


Antifungal powder: People who keep their feet wet for a long time easily get fungal infection or sores on the toes. And this is the beginning of severe itching. So in this case you can use anti-fungal powder. As a result the infection cannot spread too much.