Putin and Xi agree to jointly address Afghan ‘threat’


Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed that their country will intensify efforts to jointly address the “threat” to Afghanistan. The threat came as the Taliban seized power in the country. The Kremlin said on Wednesday.


A statement from the Kremlin stated that “during the telephone conversation, the two leaders expressed their readiness to respond to the threat of terrorism and to intensify efforts to prevent drug trafficking from Afghanistan.”


They also discussed the importance of establishing peace in Afghanistan and tackling the unrest in neighboring countries.


Putin and Xi also agreed to strengthen bilateral ties and strengthen the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). The conference is scheduled to take place in Tajikistan next month.


Moscow has expressed cautious optimism about Kabul’s new leadership. Putin, meanwhile, has warned that Afghan militants could enter neighboring countries as refugees. Criticizing foreign interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs, Putin said Moscow had “learned” from the decades-long Soviet-led aggression in the country.


Meanwhile, after the Taliban quickly seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, China said it was ready to establish “friendly and cooperative relations” with the country.


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