Storm in the meeting of Srilekha-Shashanka in Net arena

Popular Indian actress Srilekha Mitra posted on Facebook a few days ago to go on a coffee date. He went on a coffee date and applied for the adoption of a street animal. Responding to Srilekha’s plea, Red Volunteer Shashank Bhavsar agreed to go on a coffee date.

Srilekha was suffering from indecision about what kind of clothes to wear to date Shashank Vavas. The storm of comments started when the fans were asked for advice through social media. A person named Priyanka Bhattacharya commented, if you wear a sari, you will feel great.

And Bengali date means sari is compulsory. In response to this comment, Srilekha said that the boy is very young. Critics will think me a boy. A person by the name of Pritika commented, don’t go live on a date again.

In it, Srilekha said, I will live on my channel. Sabina Yasmin Riku commented, not being happy at all. In reply, Srilekha said, “You are the devil’s jealous woman.”

Meanwhile, whatever comments you make about Red Volunteer Shashank Bhavsar, Shashakt Bhavsar ignored all the comments and said that adopting a street child is as good as adopting a street animal. How are you joking about it through various comments! This good initiative should be applauded.