The Afghan minister is now the delivery man

He was a communications minister of Afghanistan. Within a year, he had taken political asylum in Germany. He started working as a deliveryman there in September.


He said that it is not an honor to make expensive cars and houses by corruption, it is an honor to do any work. Who is to say that this person was a minister of a country even a year ago. This man named Saeed Shadat retired from politics and took political asylum in Germany. There he has now joined an organization as a “Pizza” Delivery Man.


He said, “Any work in an honest way is honorable.” Mentioning that there is peace in hard earned money, he urged the politicians to stay free from corruption. No job is small, I was a minister. I can do anything to earn and survive in an honest way. I think the main job of every politician is not to corrupt, but to serve the people.


The former information technology minister wants to work in the telecom sector. Before going to work every day, he is learning German for four hours in an institution.


He further said that he did not commit any corruption while he was a minister. I don’t have billions, I don’t have a house, I don’t have a hotel business, I don’t even have a house in Dubai. I am proud of my work, I have no hesitation.


The former minister is thinking about the future of the country in his expatriate life. He believes that if foreigners continue to support the Taliban and cooperate, peace will return to Afghanistan and the economic crisis will end.

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