US Vice President Kamala Harris on a tour of Asia

USA Vice President Kamala Harris began her Asia tour on Sunday.
He will reiterate Washington’s commitment to the region during the visit, following the Taliban’s takeover of power and the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.


He is on a tour that comes a week after the radical Taliban quickly returned to power and the image of the United States as a world superpower faded in a chaotic situation as thousands of people tried desperately to flee.


During the visit, he will travel to Singapore and Vietnam and hold meetings with top leaders. At the meeting, he will seek the views of allies on the reliability of the United States.


“During his visit, the vice president will be briefed on what needs to be done to implement US commitments in the region,” a senior US official said.


Harris, who is of Asian-American descent and of Indian descent, will arrive in Singapore on Sunday, and the tour will begin on Monday with a meeting with leaders of the city-states.
Criticism of Kamala Harris’s visit to Vietnam has been criticized by some as an attempt by US forces to evacuate Americans, other foreigners and their Afghan allies from Kabul airport in an attempt to evade public opinion.


The crisis is being compared to the US defeat in Saigon in 1965, when US diplomats were airlifted from Saigon in the face of a Vietnamese advance.


Orange Harris will arrive in Vietnam by the end of the day on Tuesday. This is the first visit to Vietnam by a US vice president. Orange Harris is the first top-level leader to visit the region under the Biden administration.